Coronavirus Slows in Some Countries

Posted by on Jun 4, 2020 in Current Events
medical personnel in protective clothing and face shield encounters a person in a car during a COVID-19 test
How have other nations tackled the COVID-19 problem? Credit: Shutterstock/JHDT Productions

This week’s story update on Election Central looks at how some foreign nations have successfully handled the outbreak of COVID-19. How did they accomplish it?

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its fourth month here in the United States, very little seems to have improved. Many states are in the process of reopening, even though rates of infection, hospitalization, and death from the virus continue to grow. In fact, the nation reached more than 103,000 deaths by the beginning of June. Meanwhile, tests are still very difficult to get, people disagree about whether or not they should have to wear masks in public, and in Michigan, armed protestors stormed the statehouse to demand that their state reopen.

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