States Begin to Reopen

Posted by on May 28, 2020 in Current Events
woman standing in crowd of pedestrians
Are you ready to go back out into public? Credit: Praetorianphoto/E+/Getty Images

This week’s story update on Election Central summarizes how some states are opening back up after the coronavirus pandemic quarantine period.

One of the greatest challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic is that every state has been impacted differently, and as a result, every state has responded in its own unique way. Back in March, while some states were shutting down restaurants, places of worship, and schools, others remained relatively business-as-usual. Now, the “when” and “how” of reopening has become a hotly contested issue in many places. Just like when the shutdown first started, there is again a wide disparity in the approaches different state governors are taking to balance the safety of their constituents with the desire to get back to normal. Here, Election Central examines the approaches that a few states are taking.

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