The Prime Minister vs. Parliament

Posted by on Sep 5, 2019 in Current Events
3d rendering of a Euro coin, with a slice moving out shaped like a ship with a British flag, representing the brexit referendum and withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union
The Brexit deadline is quickly approaching. Will Boris Johnson and Parliament work together before the end of October? Credit: Shutterstock/kostasgr

This week’s story update on Election Central explains the newest conflict in England related to the looming Brexit deadline.

Remember when Theresa May stepped down as Britain’s prime minister because she couldn’t secure a Brexit deal? Well, the new prime minister, Boris Johnson, is taking a very different approach: suspending Parliament for several weeks during the months of September and October. Here, Election Central takes a closer look at what this decision means and what impact it will have not just on Britain, but potentially on the whole world.

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Credit: McGraw-Hill Education