Midterm Races to Watch

Posted by on Nov 2, 2018 in Current Events
Political campaign yard signs, Dubuque, Iowa

It seems like there are political campaign yard signs everywhere during this election season.
Credit: Aaron Roeth Photography

This week’s story update on the Election Central Web site reports on key political races in the midterm elections that are less than a week away.

It feels like you can’t turn on the television or check in on social media this month without seeing a political ad, as candidates gear up for the November 6 midterm election. Traditionally, the party of the president in power loses seats in Congress in a midterm election. That’s nothing new. But this year, President Trump’s growing unpopularity, in conjunction with current events (such as Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, and last weekend’s synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh) has led to the rise of a self-proclaimed “Blue Wave”–a coordinated response by Democrats to win as many political races as possible, anywhere they can, from city councils to the governor’s office, and from state legislatures to the U.S. Congress. As a result, the November 6 midterm election has seen an unprecedented amount of voter interest, and exceptionally high voter turnout: in some precincts, early voting numbers have already surpassed the total number of voters in those same precincts in 2016.

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